Our Mission

Hackbridge was born out of the experiences of two Cambridge Engineering students who spent one year on the “MIT exchange programme” and wanted to bring the “hacker” culture to Cambridge – hence supercharging students’ learning via side-projects outside of their course. We help students develop practical skills by facilitating challenging projects that aim to create either novel research or commercial products. Since the society’s inception just over two years ago, we have grown to a community of around 70 students who’ve worked on at least one project before, with over 20 deeply challenging projects that range from Machine Learning, to Blockchain to SaaS products.

Our Team

Central Committee

Bryan Teng
Jonathan Chee
Komal Rathi
Pengyu Zhang

Projects Cluster

Ayush Agarwal
Managing Director of Projects
Gift Mungmeeprued
Director of Research and Commercial Projects
Alice Luo
Director of Technical Consulting Projects

Entrepreneurship Cluster

Ilias Moutsopoulos
Managing Director of JumpStart

Hackbridge is currently run by a passionate team of students across disciplines and year groups. To achieve our vision, we need as many hands as we can get! We'd be looking for help in sponsorship, event management, web design, speaker-hunting and much more! If Hackbridge is something that you're interested in helping out with - and you want to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial environment at Cambridge - please get in touch by emailing hellohackbridge@gmail.com.

If you do reach out, please let us know (very briefly) what you're working on now/have worked on in the past and where you'd like to help! Also, let us know what subject you're studying and what year you're in!


Get in touch

Have an idea to make Hackbridge better? Want us to feature some content? Shoot us a message!