Demo days

Demo days are an opportunity to hear about the great projects our members have done! We will have about 90 minutes of presentations - from our sponsors, from teams and concerning our future plans and projects. Afterwards there will be space for networking.

Who can turn up?

Anyone! Demo days are an opportunity for ambitious students to learn about all the interesting projects we do and find one for themselves. If you fall into this broad category, you'd be very welcome!

How about food?

There will be food and drinks provided.

Who else will be there?

Our sponsors and partners are going to attend. That means that if you have a question concerning one of the new projects you might be able to ask in person.


ARM was born out of the Cambridge ecosystem. What will you build?

Hackbridge Cluster aims to foster the sort of collaborative environment which encourages you to build your dream projects. We'll be discussing current projects and your ideas for what to do in the future.

Who can turn up?

Anyone! Cluster is the #1 opportunity to work with ambitious (and techy) students who want to develop something unique. If you fall into this broad category, you'd be very welcome!

What is Cluster's vision?

Some of the best ideas come from these sort of environments. We're just trying to create it at Cambridge. Let's start building!

How about food?

Again, we'll try to get some food + drink but it might be challenging to get the funding. Alternatives include chipping in a bit of cash and ordering pizza/going to Sainsbury's!


Get in touch

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